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About us

The island of Lesvos is located in the northern Aegean and is the third largest island in Greece. There, grow the olive trees of the adramytinis variety that give the Petrichor-land olive oil. The olive oil production tradition of the island dates back before the time of Homer. Our olive groves are cultivated with biological means for longer than 10 years and many of the trees are over 100 years old.

Love of olive tree growing is passed from generation to generation and combined with modern techniques, we produce a premium quality extra-virgin olive oil. The single varietal olive oil Petrichor-land is being extracted with the technique of cold extraction to preserve all the nutrients and its rich scents.

To preserve this treasure we lock it in dark, glass bottles and store it at a temperature of ~ 20 °C.

The olive tree grows mainly in the Mediterranean basin and thus the use of olive oil is essential in the daily diet of the Greeks. Olive oil is a precious gift of nature that apart from giving a wonderful flavour, it also provides many nutrients in Greek cuisine. The Greeks have the highest – per person – consumption of olive oil in the world, and olive oil constitutes the basis of the Mediterranean diet.

Since ancient times, olive oil apart from nutrient has been frequently used as a medicine and a cosmetic.

Olive oil can be consumed raw, giving a characteristic flavour to salads, meals and pastry, adding to their quality and wholesomeness. Also, it is often used in cosmetology and pharmaceutics.

Let this gift of the Greek land be your precious gift of life.